How to use WinCVS


Download PuTTY and Plink at copy these 2 programs to a direcotyr (c:\PuTTY\).

Start PuTTY and enter as hostname and select SSH as connection protocol/port. Press the 'Open' button to estabilsh a connection . Enter your SourceForge username and password. Some messages will scroll by and the connection will be cloded. This has enabled your account for CVS access from WinCVS.

Create a file (c:\PuTTY\username_sourceforge.bat) with the following contents

@c:\PuTTY\Plink.exe -pw mypassword %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9


Download WinCVS 1.2 at and install the program.

Reboot your computer ans start WinCVS. In the Admin menu under Preferences in General type in the following information:

Enter the CVSROOT:

SSH Server

In the Ports tab check the Check for an alternate rsh name: and fill in the created .bat file (c:\PuTTY\username_sourceforge.bat).

Checkout the A340GC sources

To get a local CVS copy of the A340GC project select from the Create mneu Checkout module. Fill in a340gc as the name of the module and press the 'Ok' button.

Submitting changes

Select the files and or directories to commit to the a340gc CVS reposetory and select from the Modify menu Update and then Commit.

For more information about using CVS it is recommended to read The CVS Book.