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Contact information


Questions, remarks or contributions? Send e-mail to info@iradis.fat.org. Note: our address is 100% fat-free. (This is not a spam hint.)


We also provide an opportunity to chat directly with IRADIS staff and volunteers. If your browser supports Java, then click here to go directly to the chat. If your browser doesn't support Java, or if you prefer to use your own client, direct your IRC client to irc.webchat.org; port 6667; channel #iradis.

Mailing lists

a340gc-devel@lists.sourceforge.net (archive) (Subscribe)
a340gc-users@lists.sourceforge.net (archive) (Subscribe)
a340gc-announce@lists.sourceforge.net (archive) (Subscribe)


All secured parts of IRADIS are signed with the IRADIS CA certificate. You can import this certificate in your browser and email-cleint. iradis-ca.der iradis-ca.pem